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About Human Movement Analysis - Kinesiology

Kinesiology (from Greek kinesis = movement and logos = word), known also as human kinetics, is the science of human movement. Kinesiologists work in the fields of human movement sciences, fitness and sport, occupational therapy and the movie animation industry. Equipment to measure human movement include telemetry measurements using optical cameras or electromagnetic sensors in 3-dimensional space or in the 2-dimensional plane (e.g. using pen tablets).

About Handwriting Movement Analysis

www.Graphonomics.org (IGS)

Handwriting movement analysis forms an important part of graphonomics. The "International Workshop on Handwriting Movement Analysis" in 1982 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, was organized by Thomassen and Teulings and became the first of a continuing series of International Graphonomics conferences. The first graphonomics milestone was Thomassen, Keuss, Van Galen, Grootveld (1983). Handwriting is the the most widely taught motor skill. It is one of the first, and many times the only, motor skill children learn at elementary school. It requires years of practice to master handwriting like adults. Handwriting is not only the visible trace of ink on paper (product), but it is also a hand and finger movement that controls the pen (process). Understanding of the handwriting product will not be complete until the handwriting process is understood.

Movement Analysis Companies and Products (this page will need updating)

Small Arm, Hand, and Finger Movement Analysis

Hand, arm, body tremors.

Tremorometer®: Affordable, fast, reliable tremor measurements for clinical and research use. Why Guess About Tremor? Instrumentation is now available to provide fast and accurate tremor measurements. Tremorometer is a portable, hand held instrument that objectively measures tremor and provides instant results. TremorLab® is a PC program for advanced analysis and display of tremor measurements. TremorReport™ generates sophisticated reports from the Tremorometer records. TremorLoad™ uploads processed records and raw readings to the PC for advanced analysis and report generation.


Measure Motor Skills TODAY!

Handwriting movement analysis, drawing (goal-directed movements), mouse movement recording and analysis, bimanual force coordination in kinesiology, neurology, psychiatry, education, physiotherapy and forensics. MovAlyzeR® is the low-cost solution for handwriting movement analysis and works with the mouse and a pen tablet for recording. MovAlyzeR measures motor side effects of antipsychotics, antidepressants, and mood stabilizers. ScriptAlyzeR™ is the handwriting movement analysis software package like MovAlyzeR, without submovement analysis and audio-visual stimuli. GripAlyzeR™ measures bimanual grip-force coordination.

MovAlyzeR has been used to monitor the Parkinson's disease medication cycle showing that handwriting is better suited than speech. Poluha, P.C., Teulings, H.L., Brookshire, R.H. (1998). Handwriting and speech changes across the levodopa cycle in Parkinson's disease, Acta Psychologica, 100, 71-84.

Large Upper and Lower Limb Movement Analysis

www.AdvancedMotionMeasurement.com (AMM).

"If you don't measure, you don't know!"

A software company that develops products and provides services to capture, measure, analyze and train motion, primarily human motion. Our markets include: motion capture, motion measurement, motion analysis and motion training. AMM's suite of motion measurement tools can be used as a complete motion measurement solution or components can be selected to enhance your current motion measurement system. For Motion Research Industrial Applications, Diagnosis & Rehabilitation, Sports Performance (Golf, Baseball, Softball, Human Motion). Advanced Motion Measurement develops motion measurement software and systems for tracking, measuring and analyzing human or machine motion. Applications extend to many different markets. AIM-3D software currently supports real-time six-degree-of-freedom electromagnetic tracking hardware from Polhemus.

www.KineticMuscles.com (KMI).

The Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Company. Stroke patient training robot for use at clinics and at home.

KMI’s first device, the Hand Mentor, is for hand rehabilitation and is available by prescription from clinicians. If your clinicians are not familiar with KMI please let us know and we will provide them with information. The KMI Hand Mentor is an exercise therapy device that actively involves the patient in their rehabilitation. The Mentor encourages a patient to extend their wrist and fingers as much as possible on their own. When maximum self extension is achieved the Mentor will engage a pneumatic actuator and assist the movement of the wrist and fingers to full extension. In addition to recruitment of hand function, the Mentor will actively stretch the hand in an effort to reduce spasticity. The Mentor therapy regimen is very rigorous and requires dedication from the patient. It is recommended that the Mentor be used as an extension to an intense physical therapy program. Much like piano lessons, intense practice outside your "class time" increases the productivity of your time with the physical therapist. KMI has based the therapy protocols on the research of Dr. Steve Wolf at Emory University. Dr. Wolf's research has shown repetitive practice therapy to be effective in regaining function in stroke affected limbs.

Eye Movement Analysis

www.ArringtonResearch.com (AR)

Eye movement recording and analysis for eye-hand coordination and vsiuo-motor analysis.

Arrington Research, Inc. is a leading provider of eye tracking solutions , delivering reliable, affordable and easy to use systems across a wide variety of markets. Working closely with our valued customers we take pride in ensuring that their eye movement data is a significant contributor to their overall success. ViewPoint PC-60 EyeFrame scene camera and software: The Scene Camera option allows ViewPoint EyeTracker® users to track gaze position on a real world scene video.

Electromyogram During Movements


Professional EMG and Sensor Systems to Improve Human Performance

Noraxon U.S.A. Inc. provides high-end, tethered and wireless state-of-the-art surface and fine-wire electromyography (EMG) equipment, data analysis and acquisition software, biomechanical sensors and accessories for clinical, research, ergonomic and sports medicine applications. NORAXON’s instrument series MyoSystem 1400 and TeleMyo 2400 comes with a default configuration of sEMG; however, the setup can be customized to be used with other biomechanical sensors. These Sensors have cable built-in pre-amplifiers and can be used in any sensor combination, using any input channel. Sensor Systems have an external amplification and power supply box and can be connected to Noraxon’s BNC analog input channels or other manufacturers’ devices. MyoResearch XP Master Edition
MyoResearch XP Master Edition is the "complete-solution" package for users with high EMG recording and analysis demands. MyoResearch XP Basic Edition is the economic choice of Noraxon's data analysis and acquisition software packages. MyoResearch XP Clinical Application Protocols is a collection of pre-configured test and training protocols. MyoResearch XP Data Acquisition is the perfect solution for users who want to acquire data in their own processing software while using Noraxon's hardware components.

Academic Research in Human Movement

Kinesiology. Arizona State University (ASU).

Faculty and graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology investigate a wide range of topics concerning human movement, physical activity, and exercise. These include the study of different age cohorts, levels of health, levels of ability and fitness, levels and types of training, physical and emotional stresses, and genetic backgrounds. Department faculty maintain numerous interdisciplinary connections with faculty in other ASU departments (e.g., Psychology, Bioengineering, Anthropology, Biology) and with colleagues affiliated with a number of clinical and research institutions in the Phoenix area (e.g., Barrow Neurological Institute, Good Samaritan Hospital, Samaritan Rehabilitation Institute).

o Biomechanics (kinesiology.clas.asu.edu/biomechanics)

Biomechanics applies the laws of mechanics to the study of human movement. Current research examines kinematic and kinetic determinants of locomotion patterns in walking, running, cycling, and swimming; neuromusculoskeletal modeling and computer simulation of locomotion in clinical and sport applications; ergonomics; and mechanisms underlying upper extremity repetitive strain injuries (RSI).