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Thread: Patent 6,884,078. Wiig et al. (2005). Test of parietal lobe function and assoc...

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    Patent 6,884,078. Wiig et al. (2005). Test of parietal lobe function and assoc...

    More news: http://www.neuroscript.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=37

    NeuroTrax markets Mindstreams, a patented software platform that delivers interactive neurocognitive tests that are similar to those administered by psychologists.

    Full text: http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-P...RS=Mindstreams

    Test of parietal lobe function and associated methods
    Patents 6,884,078

    A test, system, and method for testing parietal lobe function in a subject, wherein the method includes displaying to a subject a first ordered array of objects having a variety of colors, which the subject is prompted to name. The named object colors are compared with the correct object colors, and a count is maintained of errors in the named object colors and an interval taken by the subject to complete naming the object colors, these numbers compared with predetermined data for determining a possible parietal lobe function deficiency. An analogous test is performed of shape-naming, and, in a preferred embodiment, of color and shape naming. A practice test administration is also described, as well as a software-driven administration and scoring of the test.

    Inventors: Wiig; Elisabeth (Arlington, TX), Nielsen; Niels Peter (Kobenhavn, DK), Minthon; Lennart (Lund, SE), Warkentin; Siegbert (Limhamn, SE)

    Assignee: Harcourt Assessment, Inc. (San Antonio, TX)
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