To print a stimulus in real-size on paper (i.e., the same size as on the digitizer), so that subjects can perform writing tasks with direct visual feedback instead of displaced visual feedback via the display, MovAlyzeR needs to know the actual sizes of the x and y axes produced by the particular printer.

o Chart the stimulus by rightclicking the particular stimulus >Chart or >Properties >Chart.
o Check MonoChrome
o Print (yielding an as-is print)
o Measure the actual size of the x and y axes (e.g., 21 cm and 14 cm, respectively).
o Tell MovAlyzeR these sizes by rightclicking inside the stimulus chart >Customization >Axis.
o Fill out the min and max of the x-axis (e.g., 0cm and 21cm, respectively) and similarly 0cm and 14 cm for the y-axis.
o Right click chart > Print (yielding the real-size print).