ISSUE: You just installed a newer version. The new version does not want to start.

LIKELY CAUSE: Not all DLLs from older versions were updated. MS Windows does not have a nice window to inform the user.

You could verify some things if you like or you could follow the resolution right away. If none of these tests show errors go to
1: Start >All Programs >Administrative tools >Event viewer >Click on the Errors occurring at the time you started.
2: Start >All Programs >Accessories >Command Prompt. Then type:
cd "C:\Program Files\NeuroScript\MovAlyzeR"

You should get error messages.
If not, email with your observations.
If so, and want to interpret the errors, please, copy and paste them into an email to

1. Uninstall MovAlyzeR (Start >Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs >Select Movalyzer >Remove (Data and licenses will remain).

2. Open folder "C:\Program Files\NeuroScript\MovAlyzeR" and remove any *.exe and *.dll files.

3. Open folder "C:\Program Files\Common Files\NeuroScript Shared" and remove any *.dll files.

4. If you needed to delete files, your PC's registry is not synchronized.
You can check the following registry location for entries of neuroscript files:
Start >Run >RegEdit

Delete these registry entries.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\SharedDLLs

These files will be located in: "\Program Files\Common Files\NeuroScript Shared" folder

Or type Control-f to Search and F3 to Search Next for NeuroScript and MovAlyzeR. When MovAlyzeR is uninstalled all these references should be deleted.

5. Reboot. If you had to alter the registry, go back to the 2 folders in steps 2 and 3 to verify no files are there.

6. Install the latest version of MovAlyzeR (Download from

7. A trial-period license can be obtained at
For an expired or corrupted license, please, email the request code to