If you have to deal with lot of conditions and their trials (10 or above) then 'specify condition order' that is condition sequencing gets real slow. So here is an alternative method to speed up the operation.
- Start MovAlyzeR. Select your experiment for which the condition order needs to be determined.
- Right click on the experiment properties > Select Running Experiment > Select Procedure > Select specify condition order > Click on Set order.
- Condition sequence dialog box opens. Select the condition/trial whose sequence you have to determine. If you want to move this condition 'Up', then click on the "move up" arrow just once, then hit "enter" until you have positioned the condition/trial at your desired location.
- Similarly if you want to move the condition "down", then select the condition and click on the "Move down" arrow just once and then hit "enter" button on your keyboard until you have positioned the condition/trial at the desired location.

In this way you can speed up the sequencing of conditions.