MovAlyzeR (Version 6.1) installs Processmod.dll (Version in directory:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\NeuroScript Shared
(Holding mouse over Processmod.dll shows version).

Processmod.dll has been updated till Version

To update Processmod, please, click Help >Check for updates.
Movalzyer will report updated version 6.11 available.
Processmod.dll willautomatically be downloadl.
This update will become effective after exiting all instances of Movalyzer and restarting MovAlyzeR.

The updates include:

(1) If you use an External App that adds stroke features to the extracted data EXT file those added stroke data may not show in the summarized data of all trials and in the Analysis chart of averages across trials, subjects, etc.

When running Summarize you will get the message in the Results Window at the bottom (when Detailed Output is switched on):
SUMTRIAL: WARNING: Column limit exceeded.

(2) When using under
Experiment Properties >Processing >Segmentation:
Entire trial is a stroke, Processmod Version places the end segmentation point at the last sample of the pen-down trajectory (at 3.03 seconds). Trial duration will thus increase with the time the pen rests on the paper after the movement is performed.
Name:  Processmod5000.PNG
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Size:  9.1 KB

Processmod Version will now place the end segmentation pioint as soon as the movement Stops (at 2.81 s). Trial duration is now independent of how long the pen stands still on the tablet after the movement is performed.
Name:  ProcessMod5300.PNG
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Size:  9.1 KB

If new problems are observed in MovAlzyeR, please, email with the first signs of the problem.