You installed Movalyzer, connected a tablet, defined a new user, experiment, subject group, subject, and task condition. You start writing and you see the cursor moving but no pen trace is recorded and the recording window says:
Waiting for the pen....

It is as if the pen is not sufficiently hard pressed but pressing harder does not help.

When you move the pen to the left bottom or right top, you will see a pen trace recorded but at a different location than the cursor. If not, test the pen tablet driver first.

Sometimes tablet drivers are changed or act unexpectedly when different tablets were connected or tablet drivers are updated.
1. Start> Control Panel >Tablet Properties (or similar)
2. Find Diagnose, Test, or About button (Hold down Control Key while clicking helps)
3. Check coordinates produced
4. In case of doubt: Uninstall pen tablet driver (remove preference files first). Download driver from tablet manufacturer's website. Install and follow instructions in case reboot is needed.

The tablet resolution was set incorrectly

Resolution is set at 3 levels:
1. User.
2. Experiment. A newly defined experiment inherits the settings from the user.
3. Subject within group. When doing a first-time test run of a subject inherits the settings of the experiment. Then the actual settings of the tablet driver are aquired to double-check. If the aquired settings are different you get a warning + an advise to update the tablet settings for THIS subject in THIS group. Accept, unless you measured that the tablet driver does nto aquire the correct settings.

To prevent this warning, update the settings for THIS experiment.

So, when running an existing experiment for an existing subject (e.g., in example user UU1) the Experiment it is likely that the tablet settings for this particular subject are not updated.


1. User-level device setting. When defining a new user, do device setup first. Click Settings (in top menu) >Device Setup

2. Experiment-level device setting. If you define a new experiment, it inherits the user setting. If you omitted device setup at the user level, do that first, then rightclick your experiment > Properties > Device setup.

3. Subject-level device setting (or particular test within group within experiment).
Rightclick the subject >Properties (requires the password --default password is userpass-- to overrule the device resolution and sampling rate).
The reason to have these levels is to allow for multi-site and multi-device experiments combined into one big experiment.

To review ALL subject settings in a particular experiment, rightclick the experiment >Reports >Subjects.

NOTE1: The tablet settings have no effect on the recordings, only on the processing of the recordings. The tablet is generating data as its hardware and firmware is designed. MovAlyzeR just needs to know the settings.

NOTE2: If the aquired tablet settings differ from the MovAlyzeR settings when you start running a new experiment you will receive a warning when starting to run each new subject test.

NOTE3: When the sampling rate set in MovAlyzeR and data arrive from the pen tablet at a slower or higher rate you will receive audible "discontinuity" warnings during recordings (See Experiment properties >Processing >Timefunctions >Discontinuity).

NOTE4: Movalyzer can acquire the settings from the pen tablet driver. However, drivers generate not always the actual sampling rate. For example, the driver reports 100 Hz. However, Movalyzer lists the measured report rate in average #samples per second during recording of 133 (Left top of the recording window). Please, use the measured report rate in the user, experiment, and subject settings, not the acquired value form the driver.

The drawback is that each time when you run a new subject in an experiment, Movalyzer checks the the acquired settings against the MovAlyzeR settings and when there is a difference you will receive a warning. ONLY when you have identified this particular tablet driver problem, please, do NOT overwrite the subject settings with the acquired settings.

REMEDY: Update to the newest tablet driver, hoping that the manufacturer fixed their error.