I have used MovAlyzer since 2003 in a number of research projects with the University of Strathclyde Bioengineering unit and the University Medical Centre Groningen department of neurology. MovAlyzer has proven to be a reliable, easy to use and also cost effective solution for recording of script and drawing, avoiding the challenge of dealing with Wintab, required for developing software to record from a digitizer tablet. It also enables synchronization with other recordings, e.g. motion analysis and EMG. This enabled us to rapidly design test setups for different projects. Whilst MovAlyzer includes features for data analysis, which we also found useful for quickly checking the recordings, data can also easily be exported and imported into e.g. MatLab for extended analysis. Neuroscript’s support has contributed to the positive experience. -- Dr. Rutger Zietsma, Managing Director, MANUS Neurodynamica Ltd UK, Inex Herschel Annex 2.11, Kings Road NE1 7RU, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. www.ManusNeuro.com.