Bugs observed by MovAlyzeR6.1 users
No need to report these bugs at support@neuroscript.net

Problems will be resolved in the near future: Help >Check For Updates

Duplicate Element does not duplicate selection of Use bitmap or Pattern 24mar2019 HLT BU2
WORKAROUND: Select in the stimulus element properties Use Bitmap or Use Pattern before clicking OK.

Unable to remove record 24mar2019 HLT BU2
WHEN: Rightclick a condition in an experiment >Remove from experiment
SYNDROME: Error message plus nothing seems removed in the left window, even though Detailed Output is ON.
WORKAROUND: In fact the removal was successful. Just hit F5 or View >Refresh

Submovement+Collapse 18Sep2011 TIN LU1
WHEN: Rightclick your experiment >Processing >Segmentation >Submovement=CHECKED
AND: Rightclick your experiment >Summarization >Collapse Trials=CHECKED
AND: Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >Summarize
AND: Summarizing includes a subject with some (but not all) trials missing or inconsistent
AppName: mova.exe AppVer: ModName: processmod.dll ModVer: Offset: 0000a387
AppName: mova.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.6055 Offset: 0004487f
CHECK: Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >View Summarized Data. Shows the data processed correctly. Find Last Group and Subject
AND: Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >Summarize: Exclude the Subject in the group AFTER the last group and subejct processed correctly.
SYNDROME: The crash will now happen at another subject.
WORKAROUND: Do not check Submovement or Collapse Trials at the same time
OR: Exclude subjects with missing trials.

Submovement+DiscardStrokes 18Sep2011 TIN LU1
WHEN: Rightclick your experiment >Processing >Segmentation >Submovement=CHECKED
AND: Rightclick your condition >Consistency >Initial Strokes to Discard = Some positive value
AND: Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >Summarize
SYNDROME: 1/3rd of the discarded strokes are discarded misaligning the entire INC file
(Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >View summary file)
WORKAROUND: Do not use Submovement and Initial strokes to discard at the same time

Collapse+DiscardStrokes 18Sep2011 TIN LU1
WHEN: Rightclick your experiment >Summarization >Collapse Trials=CHECKED
AND: Rightclick your condition >Consistency >Initial Strokes to Discard = Some positive value
AND: Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >Summarize
SYNDROME: Discarded strokes will be included but their values are
Rightclick your experiment >General >Missing Data Value
WORKAROUND: Do not use Collapse Trials and Initial Strokes to Discard at the same time

#Trials=1 18Sep2011 SUS EX1
WHEN: Rightclick your condition >Number of trials = 1
AND: Run Experiment
SYNDROME: 3 trials are performed, which is the default value
WORKAROUND: Set #trials=2 or higher

ExportChartToFile 18Sep2011 SUS EX1
WHEN: Rghtclick in a chart >Export >Export Destination=File >Browse
(OR: Action >Export >Export Destination=File >Browse)
SYNDROME: Crash on some computers. MovAlyzeR closes without warning.
WORKAROUND: Leave Export Destination=Clipoard, then paste immediately in your document (yields best results).
For web design and to create transparancy in PPT you may need to paste into a picture editor (e.g., Paint) and then save as PNG.
RESOLUTION: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6r397in6dla3ah/MovAlyzeRBugExportChartToFile.pdf?dl=0

SummarizePartOf500 18Sep2011 ER1 ALC
WHEN: Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >Summarize
AND: If there are more than 500 subjects by groups tested
AND: Unselect all subjects to be summarized except a few
SYNDROME: Crash. The program closes without warning.
CHECK: Rightclick your experiment >Summarize >View Summarized Data. Has not been cleared yet.
WORKAROUND: Do not exclude more than 500 subjects

Discard trial if missing/extra samples 30Sep2011
WHEN: checking Discard trial if missing/extra samples (or press Reset Defaults)
(Experiment Properties >Processing >Consistency)
SYNDROME: The checkbox is red. It shoudl be not red. It shoudl be red when unchecked.

Stimulus elements of specific start time and duration 30Sep2011 SUS EX1, 20Sep2012 ALB ZZC
WHEN: Create a Condition, containing a Stimulus, containing a Stimulus Element that is not shown indefinitely but for a set start time and duration
(Rightclick element >Properties >General)
SYNDROME1: Bitmap or Shape remains visible for longer than the specified duration.
SYNDROME2: Instead of the timed visibility, the Bitmap or Shape(?) sometimes becomes invisible when the pen touches the screen
o Instead of imperative stimulus use precue with specific duration and 0 latency before recording. Use a duration shorter than the reaction time. Start recording without wait for pen down. Add precue during to reaction time.
o Add a second, duplicated element, but set color equal to background color (e.g., white) with a start time equal to end time of the first element
o Overwriting a colored stimulus by a background-colored (e.g., white) stimulus may not always cancel out the colored stimulus. You can resolve this by writing a 1 pixel bounding box with a background color (e.g., white) as fill color.
o Bitmaps have no set size. They cannot be Targets. Only the Shapes (ellipses, rectangles, letters) can be targets.
o When a bitmap is supposed to be invisible but is visible the ink trace does not seem to stick inside the bitmap.

Processed Data Chart and Feedback color 28Oct2011 WRI GLS
First point of a recording has always the Color=Minimum Color although Feedback data of the first data point does not have the minimum value.
It is most noticeable when plotting Points without Lines as the first line has the correct color.

Drag and Drop Second Image Onto Subject Overwrites Previous Image 10Oct2012 MWS ARI
When defining a new subject in a group in an image experiment and drag and dropping 2 trials into the same condition there will be 2 trials visible.
However, when deleting those 2 trials and repeating the procedure (like for a demonstration) there will only be the last image.
WORKAROUND: Remove also the subject form the group and then re-add the subject.

"Delay next trail until ENTER" is checked automatically when checking "Accept/Redo trial" 21Nov2012 JSW MR2
WORKAROUND: Uncheck Delay next trail until ENTER
To see this effect: Rightclick your experiment >Running Experiment >Procedure

Acquire Input Device Crashes MovAlyzeR 21Nov2012 RIG
CAUSE: The happens when the tablet driver is not working properly.
CHECK: Check the tablet is connected.
Check that the driver is working in Start >All Programs or in Start >Control Panel
SOLUTION: If a reboot does not help it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the tablet driver.

Charts displaying segmentation points that have been altered may crash MovAlyzeR 22Jan2013 WRI GLS
CAUSE: When altering the segmentation times generated by MovAlyzeR in the .SEG file, e.g., manually or by an External App, the segmentations may refer to sample numbers beyond the number of samples in the recording.
CHECK: The .SEG file should contain segmentation points in seconds. Those segmentation points multiplied by the sampling rate refers to sample numbers. Ensure that the sample numbers are within the range of sample numbers of the recording.
SOLUTION: Correct .SEG file or sampling rate. When there are N samples in the HWR file, the segmentation time in the SEG file needs to satisfy: Time * SamplingRate <= N-1 because Time=0 means Sample 1.