After your computer broke down and starting NeuroScript MovAlyzeR you get:
Your license file is corrupted.
Please, email NeuroScript at to obtain a new license file.
The application is now shutting down.


1. Uninstall Movalyzer:
Start >Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs >Select MovAlyzeR and click Remove.
NOTE: Your data and backups will not be affected. However, all information in the example user UU1 will be overwritten by a new install. Hopefully you made a backup of UU1 (default after each change), in whcih case you can restore UU1 by: File >Backup >Restore

2. Remove license file:
Rightclick Start >Explore All Users
and navigate to the NeuroScript directory under Application Data:
e.g., C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NeuroScript

The exact locations are determined by Environment Variables.
Start Dos prompt:
Start >Accessories >Command Prompt

Type the following commands:

This should verify: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users"

echo %APPDATA%
This should verify: "C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data"
Or: verify "All Users" in Win XP
echo %AllUsersProfile%
In Win Vista, 7

If directories cannot be found:
In Explore, Click Tools >View >Hidden files and folders: Check Show hidden files and folders

If found: rename:

NOTE1: Ensure that:
Tools >Folder Options >View >Hidden files and folders: Check Show hidden files and folders
NOTE2: Assuming default c: for the installation location

3. Reinstall MovAlyzeR:
If you have the latest MSI file, run that, otherwise, download from:
You can also download older versions if needed.

4. Start MovAlyzeR:
It will show a recovery request code. Email that code to:
Include details on who bought the original Movalyzer software or when or at which organization.
NOTE: Previous activation codes cannot be reused.

5. Enter the code we will email you (same business day).
MovAlyzeR may ask for an activation request code. In that case, Repeat 4 and 5.

6. Update MovAlyzeR
Help >Check for updates