When processing, the Results Window, which is the bottom window, will show what MovAlyzeR is doing.

To see all handwriting data recorded chart the raw data.
Rightclick your trial >Chart >Raw Data

When you double-click you will chart the processed data if the data have been processed.

There are 3 reasons that the processed data chart is not showing all handwriting data recorded as shown in the raw data chart.

(1) Processing requires the entire processed data in memory. The array sizes to store hadnwriting have lmited sizes. By default, no decimation is done. To process a longer trial you want to "decimate" by 2, 3, 4, (effectively taking only one of 2, 3, 4, ... samples.
When you set decimate to 0, Movalyzer will find the optimal decimation to process the entire recording.
Rightclick your experiment >Properties >Processing >Time functions >Check: Lump decimates samples
Reprocess the trial to see its effect.
If you do not wish to decimate data, use the Sentence-to-word segmentation below
Hit F1 for additional help.

(2) By default, the processed data is cut at the first discontinuity. A discontinuity happens when the pen is lifted too high so that no data are recorded, or when the tablet missed a sample. Time stamps for each sample are verified against the specified sampling rate.
Trials were a discontinuity occurs receive a red D. See:
View >Symbol Legend
If a discontinuity occurs, sample nr and intersample period are stored in the DIS file:
Rightclick your trial >View >Discontinuities
Proper processing requires continuous data. The user needs to decide how discontinuites are corrected. The simplest option is to insert a straight running average line of the same duration as the missing samples:
Rightclick your experiment >Properties >Processing >Time functions >Discontinuity Settings
Reprocess the trial to see its effect.
Hit F1 for additional help.

(3) By default, the trailing penlift recorded (during the pen lift time out) is omitted when processing. If you wish to include the trailing pen lift in processing:
Rightclick your experiment >Properties >Processing >Time functions >Uncheck: Remove trialing penlift
Reprocess the trial to see its effect.
Hit F1 for additional help.

Sentence-To-Word Segmentation
Movalyzer can record +10 mins of handwriting. Example User UU1 has an Experiment WRD to show sentence to word segmentation if the words are separated by spaces or newlines.
o Condition Settings: Rightclick your trial or condition >Condition Properties >Word Extraction
Define new conditions where the successive words are extracted into. These trials are not for recording but for processing only. Hence the red P in each trial
View >Symbol Legend
o Experiment Settings: Rightclick your experiment >Experiment Properties >Processing >Advanced >Word Extraction
Hit F1 for additional help.

Reprocess all trials to see the effects of the processing changes
Rightclick your experiment > Process >Reprocess all trials