The old method is that MovAlyzeR can use a selectable COM trigger which generates start pulses when a trial recording starts:
Settings >User Properties >Comm port

An External App enables more flexibility in triggering
o Using USB, parallel printer, and serial COM ports.
o Wait until a trigger pulse is RECEIVED.
o During warning period, and precue period, before the trial recording, and imperative stimulus, and even after the trial recording
o Multiple trigger pulses during each trial.

We assume you have trigger hardware and software, e.g., a MATLAB script or a Dos Batch job that either:
(a) Waits until a trigger is received from other equipment
(b) Generates a trigger to be received by other equipment that is waiting for it

If you want to use MATLAB scripts but the MovAlyzeR computer does not have a MATLAB license, compile the MATLAB script into an EXE and call it from a Dos Batch procedure.

The Dos Batch job can call other executables. You can also nest Dos Batch jobs by: Call job.bat. If you just use job.bat inside another batch job it will CHAIN to this job.bat.

Run the External App at the beginning of a trial recording and at any other events before, during, or after a trial:

(1) Start MovAlyzeR
o Rightclick on a particular condition >Properties >Events
o Select Event: Ready to begin recording (or any other event you wish)
o External Application=MATLAB script or Dos Batch job
o Edit Script
o Compose or paste your MATLAB or Dos Batch script
o Save
o Type the particular name of your script.
The location where the script will be stored will be shown. Any executables can be stored in the same directory which is recommendable so you can export the complete experiment will all its components.
(Glitch: The script name needs selected as the script-name field remains blank)

(2) Repeat this for all other conditions of the experiment.

o Start MovAlyzeR
o Rightclick on a particular condition >Properties >Events
o Select Event: Ready to begin recording (or any other event you wish)
o External Application=Batch
o Edit Script
o Type in script edit box:
o Save
o Type in script name, e.g.:
(this will be saved as pause.bat
o Select (this is the glitch):
o Rightclick subject >Run experiment
You then will see that the experiment will hit the pause statement at the beginning of the recording.
The pause can be replaced by: "any generate trigger" script or "wait for trigger" script.
In the case of "pause" the recording will start only after you hit enter.

When MovAlyzeR needs to waiting for a trigger pulse:

Ensure that MovAlyzeR does not require user interaction during a trial and that each trial is recorded promptly without delays or automatic decisions.

1: Start timeout, i.e., the time that MovAlyzeR will wait, may need increased (Default = 15 s)
Rightclick your experiment >Properties >Running Experiment >Trials

2: Recording Timeout needs to be slightly less than the smallest period between trigger pulses (Default = 10 s) to ensure that MovAlyzeR finishes within one period and will need to wait for the very next trigger pulse.

3: Switch off all delays for EACH condition, e.g.,
o manually accept trials,
o automatically redo trials upon consistency error,
o condition instructions,
o wait for pen down to start recording
(Rightclick condition >Condition Properties >Stimuli >UNCHECK the default: Delay recording until "pen touches tablet").

4: The actual, randomized trial sequence is stored for each subject test: View by: Rightclick subject >Trial Sequence.