The Activation Code was entered into MovAlyzeR. It was successfully activated.
When restarting the MovAlyzeR it asked to activate MovAlyzeR again.
When entering the previous Activation Code it says: Already used.

Indeed, Activation Codes can be used only once.
It seems the Activation Code is not stored in the Movalyzer60.lic file.

Check the movalyzer60.lic file:
1. Rightclick Start >Open All Users >Paste in Address Box:
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\NeuroScript
Name:  licfolder.PNG
Views: 220
Size:  52.0 KB
2. Rightclick on movalyzer60.lic >Properties
3. CHECK: Modified date is today and the time is when you STARTED MovAlyzeR.
If not find out why Movalyzer cannot modify the file:
4. CHECK: Read-only is unchecked
If not, see you can uncheck
5. Click Security
CHECK your Permission for highlighted User Name (e.g., Everyone) shows check marks in:
-- Modify
-- Read & Execute
-- Read
-- Write
If not, see you can check these

1. Resolve the issues under DIAGNOSIS
2. Request new Activation Code via
3. If needed, download Movalyzer.msi from, then run it.
4. Verify the points under DIAGNOSIS.
If the problem persists, send us the installation log:

FYI For all Environment Variables: