The Analysis Charts show the averages across Groups, Subjects, Conditions, Trials, Strokes.
You can show SD bars or Standard Error (SE) bars (i.e., SD/sqrt(N) where N is the number of independent observations).

The data shown in the Analysis Charts are in DATAPATH\USR\EXP\EXP.xme
DATAPATH = Your MovAlyzeR User's data path (File >Users >Properties)
USR = Your user code
EXP = Your experiment code

The XME file consists of a header line and one line for each point plotted in the chart. Of each point all extracted features are listed int eh same line.

To display 95% Confidence Intervals (CI) you can multiply the SD columns.

An easy way to implement that is:

o Open Attachments folder before opening the analysis chart and keep the folder opened.
o Place in this directory Dos Batch file: 95CI.BAT
It can be edited by Rightclick >Edit or using Notepad. It can be executed by double clicking on it.
Edit the proper experiment name (I was too lazy to write code to take the name from the ..\ directory)
o Place in this directory AWK file: 95ci.awk
It can be edited by Rightclick >Edit or using Notepad.
o Place awk.exe and gawk.exe in the path or in this directory (GNU public domain software).

o Each time when you open an analysis chart or change the X or the Grouping (not the Y), doubleclick on the Dos Batch program.
Multiple runs are no problem.
o To check you have no 95CI: Actions >XME file. Check the second half of the headings. It should list 95CI_
o Chart Ave +- SD/sqrt(N)

If 95% Confidence Intervals do not overlap there is high probablility the difference is significant at p<0.05.