In MovAlyzeR, click:
Help >Recording Troubleshooting
Help >Troubleshooting

TEST 1. Verify the tablet is connected. Move the pen to the tablet. Verify you see lights change. If not, the tablet is not connected well. Some USBs have not enough power for the tablet.

TEST 2. Verify tablet driver is working. Verify that you see a diagnostics page:
Start >All programs >Tablet
or to
Start >Control Panel >Tablet
If you do not see it you might not have installed the tablet driver.
Check whether you see a tablet properties program. Find the diagnostics page (for example, Wacom has it under the About button).
Verify whether you see data change in the diagnostic page. If not, something is wrong.

If this fails uninstall the driver and to reinstall it.
Start >Control Panel >Add/Remove programs >Locate tablet driver >Uninstall
The latest drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website (e.g.,
Search for support or downloads, specify tablet and operating system, and download a recent driver and run it and follow instructions.

If still failing, reboot.

TEST 3. Set input device to Mouse and check it works and what the sampling rate is. If it is about 40 Hz, the dedicated tablet driver is not working. If it is about 80 Hz the tablet driver may be working. Then set input device to Tablet. The sampling rate should be 100 or higher Hz

TEST 4. Settings >Reset Input Device

TEST 5. Settings >Device Setup Wizard -- Acquire device settings. Are the correct settings acquired. You can overwrite settings if you want to change them.

TEST 6. Settings >Test input device -- Do you see coordinates in the left top of the reocording window changing with pen movements? Do you see the pen trace? Is the pen position correctly mapped in the device setup wizard. Move the pen into the left bottom corner.

TEST 7. After the Test input device, write with pen in the recording window. Do you see a trace.

TEST 8. Run an experiment. For example, in User UU1, click:
File >Run Experiment Wizard
Select Experiment E01, any of the available groups, and Subject SSS.
Does the ink show?

Email the first test that showed something unexpected at