After you enter an Activation Code you receive:

The activation code you input does not match this machine. Please contact your vendor.

The license file seems incompatible with the current version or is Read-Only (Stems from Version 3.6).

The license file needs removed.

o Close the application.

o Navigate to the movalyzer33.lic license file (Click My Computer >c: >Program Files >NeuroScript >MovAlyzeR -- or where you installed MovAlyzeR).

o Rightclick movalyzer33.lic >Properties >General >UNncheck Read-Only.

o Rightclick movalyzer33.lic >Rename to movalyzer33.licOLD

o Start the application.

o A Recovery Request Code will be presented. Email that code to

o We will send you the recovery code within one business day.