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Thread: ERROR: Unhandled Return Code (FALSE_INTERNAL_FAILURE). Please contact vendor.

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    ERROR: Unhandled Return Code (FALSE_INTERNAL_FAILURE). Please contact vendor.

    We have our computer set up for multiple users.

    The program once installed appears to work for one user but when you switch to another user this error code is received:

    ERROR: Unhandled Return Code (FALSE_INTERNAL_FAILURE). Please contact vendor. Shutting down.

    The new user does not have read/write permission for the license file.
    By default: C:\Program Files\NeuroScript\MovAlyzeR\movalyzer33.lic
    or where you installed the software.

    Stop and start movalyzer. THe error may have disappeared. Accept that a user is already in use.

    Assuming you installed at the default location, otherwise alter
    o Start >My Computer >C: >Program Files >NeuroScript
    >MovAlyzeR >Rightclick Movalyzer33.lic >Properties >Verify User has Read
    & Full Control.

    If the file is there but does not show sufficient permissions, alter the permission, e.g., uncheck Read-only.
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