Handwriting Research
Handwriting Research

Handwriting Analysis / Forensic Handwriting

Forensics Please visit our newer page for MovAlyzeR® in forensics, here.

Forensic document examiners often face signatures or handwriting samples performed in the past by persons who may not be available or prepared to reproduce those patterns.

Biometric and forensic professionals focusing on analyzing online handwriting/signature data can use our program to collect, store and process samples.

Application Areas

  • Identification verification
  • Authentication
  • Manual dexterity
  • Security
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Research


  • Measurement of writing speed

Relevant Features

  • Measures speed, size, and variability in mouse and pen strokes and many other features
  • Multiword segmentation
  • Real-time feedback/replay of handwriting
  • Kinematic parameters can be extracted, plotted and exported Statistical analysis of data


Data Collection From Digitizers

Professionals from various backgroundsinterested to collect, organize and analyze data from a digitizing tablet, would benefit from ScriptAlyzeR, which works with most used tablets. It has been tested to work efficiently with all Wacom tablets, GTCO CalComp and Aiptek tablets.

Relevant Features

  • Positional (X, Y) and pen-pressure values.
  • Processed data with extracted parameters such as velocity and jerk.
  • Data import and export capability