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Chart Properties and Export

Chart Properties and Export

This is a common topic for MovALyzeR & ScriptAlyzeR. These programs will be referred to as MovAlyzeR on this page.

* Navigation

* Customization

* Exporting Chart


o Click 'Next chart' or 'Previous chart' to navigate through all the charts for a particular trial. The trial ID is displayed on every chart.

o Click 'Next trial' or 'Previous trial' to navigate through other trials for a particular variable plot.


o Right-click inside the graph > Customization Dialog.

o A Master menu of options is available to alter the properties/appearance of the chart. Choose the options by navigating through the sub-menus and click 'Apply' > OK.

o To get a black and white chart, check the option 'monochrome' in the bottom corner of the chart window.

o Unchecking the option 'Proportional scaling' takes a scaling with the minimum and maximum data values as min/max points.

o In the PROCESSED DATA CHART, Show segmentation X/Y values next to annotation shows the x-y position coordinates for each segmentation point.

o NOTE: These properties are not retained after you close the chart or go to the next chart.

o NOTE: Shortcuts to some options in this menu are directly available by right-clicking on the chart. For example, you will find 'Export Dialog' in the list, which can be looked upon as a shortcut to the 'Export' in the master menu.

Exporting Chart

In order to store the chart with all the specified properties:

o To export the image to a document:

~ Open the application where you want to paste the chart first. (eg., MSword, Powerpoint, etc.)

~ Check the option 'Monochrome' if required (black and white).

~ Right click on the chart > Export Dialog > Check Clipboard > Export > Click in our document > Control V to paste. You can alter the size of the clipboard image using the object size properties.

~ If you want to export the chart as a .bmp image, choose BMP and then the file location. Alternatively, you can also print by choosing the printer option.

NSHelp: Analysis ChartsCharting TrialsTrials



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