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This is a common topic for MovALyzeR, GripAlyzeR & ScriptAlyzeR. These programs will be referred to as MovAlyzeR on this page.

Prior to the testing of each subject, a list of questions can be given to the subject. The list can be built from a master list of questions, which can be tailored per experiment and per group. Brief information per subject can also be stored in the properties when defining a new subject.

* Experiment Questionnaire

* Group Questionnaire

* Subject Questionnaire

Experiment Questionnaire

o Build a master list of headers and questions, each with their own code by Settings > Questionnaire Template. To create new questions they need to be added to a master list, then selected to be added to a particular experiment. This assures consistency of the entire database.

o Click on the + button to add (and on the x button to delete). The question or header is inserted below the selected question. After insertion, the position of a selected question in the master list can be changed with the up and down arrows.


o Enter a unique Question ID and question text or, if it is a header, a header text. The next and previous buttons let you move through the following and previous questions.

Group Questionnaire

o Different questionnaires may be developed per group.


o A selection list appears after Right-click a particular group questionnaire.

Subject Questionnaire

Before testing a subject a questionnaire can be completed when this option is checked in the start experiment dialogue. At any time, it is possible to view or update the questionnaire by Right-clicking on a particular subject.


o View the questionnaire by Right-clicking on a particular subject > Questionnaire

o Fill out or update the questionnaire by pressing the + button. Next and Previous buttons let you conveniently move through all questions.





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