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Testing Subject

Testing a Subject

This is a common topic for MovALyzeR & ScriptAlyzeR. These programs will be referred to as MovAlyzeR on this page.

Testing a new subject/Running an experiment can be done by the Run Experiment Wizard or manually.

* Run a subject using Run-Experiment Wizard

* Run a subject manually

* Recording feedback

* Experiment Control Window

* Actions Log

Run Experiment Wizard

o Adjust the experiment settings if required, by going to experiment > Experiment settings > Run experiment settings.

o Start MovAlyzeR > File > Run Experiment Wizard.

o Click 'Next'.

o Step 1: Click 'New Experiment' > Type ID 'E01' and any Description > Click OK.

o Step 2: Click 'New Condition' >Type ID 'C01', and any Description > Click OK.

Type #Repetitions (Number of trials per condition to be recorded, default = 2) > Click Next.

o Step 3: Click 'New Group' >Type ID 'G01' and any Description >Click OK.

o Step 4: Click 'New Subject' >Type ID 'S01', First and Last Names >Click OK.

o Click Finish.

o NOTE: This feature allows you to add only one group, one subject and one condition during the wizard.

o At the end of this procedure, your Left window experiment tree should look like this:

o Click 'Finish'.

Run a Subject Manually

o Start MovAlyzeR > Experiments > chose a particular experiment > Groups.

o Define a new subject or double-click Subjects.

o Make any last-minute adjustments for the settings by going to experiment > Experiment settings > Run experiment settings. Refer to Experiment settings for information on the parameters.


o Right-click a particular subject > Run Experiment.

o During running an experiment, adjustments can be made in the Experiment Control Window or the Toolbar.

o If the subject does not produce the required pattern, a red checkmark appears in front of the trial, otherwise a green checkmark.

o Chart trials by double clicking the particular trial item.

o At the end of the experiment, the Error Report and the Extracted Features are shown per condition.

Recording feedback

o While using a mouse or tablet as the input device, during recording of data a visual feedback of real-time data is displayed on the recording window area as follows:

Experiment Control Window

o The text box on top displays the instruction to the user and participant. On the left is the sequence of trials with the correct trials marked green. Incorrect trials are marked with red.

o Sliding the splitter down shows additional controls that can be altered during the experiment and become in effect after clicking Apply Changes.

o Click on Stop Experiment, Stop Condition, Stop Recording if required.

o A trial can be redone immediately by clicking with the pen or mouse on "Redo Trial". You can also redo any other trial via the Data Navigator submenu.

o You can switch on/off immediate processing. Immediate processing shows after each trial whether the trial was performed correctly. You can also chart the raw data as they are stored, or the processed data and derived time functions with or without segmentation points.

o After every change, click 'Apply changes'.

NSHelp: Experiment PropertiesExperiment SettingsFeedbackLogRun Experiment Trial SettingsTrials



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