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Digital Photography Review

A digital photography and imaging enthusiast site, presents their take on the Wacom Wide-Format Pen Tablet.


Check out GIZMODO's take on the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet line. The review also allows for consumer comments.

Graphics Tablet Reviews

Kevin Hulsey Illustrations, Inc.

Kevin Hulsey Illustrations provides an in-depth Wacom Drawing Tablet Tutorial.

Providing tutorials and other support on Adobe® Photoshop®, also provides Wacom pen tablet product details. There, you can also find a review on the Intuos4 pen tablet.

Tablet Kiosk

TabletKiosk® offers a broad range of highly portable Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs), and even a mobile clinical assistant (MCA); all featuring resistive touch screens and/or WACOM® active digitizers capable of supporting Microsoft's Digital Inking Technology and full handwriting recognition.

Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen tablet review from

NeuroScript LLC

MovAlyzeR® is the movement analysis software solution. Movement analysis software for hand movement and fine motor control measurement and analysis. MovAlyzeR® is a system for design and conduction of research-quality movement tests for handwriting & drawing, goal-directed movements and submovement analysis.

ScriptAlyzeR™ is the handwriting analysis software solution. A sub-component of MovAlyzeR®, stripped of the visual stimuli and submovement analysis, ScriptAlyzeR™ is handwriting analysis software for professionals in handwriting analysis and forensic document examination.

MovAlyzeRx™ is the rapid handwriting recording with analysis software solution. Quickly record and analyze visiting patients. Ideal for data collection without a concern for the integrity of experimental settings. Movement analysis software with a quick and intuitive interface for collecting and analyzing data.

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