Digitally Signed
Trusted Software
Digitally Signed for Your Protection

All NeuroScript software products are now assigned a Microsoft Authenticode Digital ID issued by Verisign. (Products prior to MovAlyzeR 3.40 are not digitally signed.)
VeriSign Code Signing Digital IDs allows us to digitally sign our software for secure delivery over the Internet. Customers who download digitally signed applications, dynamic link libraries, .cab files or HTML content from NeuroScript can be confident that the code really comes from NeuroScript and hasn't been altered or corrupted since it was created and signed. Digital IDs serve as virtual "shrinkwrap" for our software: after we sign our code, if it is tampered with in any way, the digital signature will break and alert customers that the code has been altered and is not trustworthy.
Designed for Windows
Visit the Verisign website
What You Will See While Installing Our Software
If your security settings are set high enough, when you first launch the installation (.msi file), you should see the following window showing that the software has been digitally signed (NOTE: The "Name" can vary from product to product. This will appear for any type of installation (.msi, .exe, etc).
trusted software inquiry

Clicking the "More options" button will give you some additional options related to the digital ID applied to our software as can be seen below.

* "Always run software from NeuroScript, LLC" means that any software that you download and install from us will always be trusted when they are legitimately signed with our Microsoft Authenticode Digital ID (these dialogs will no longer appear).

* "Never run software from NeuroScript, LLC" means that you will no longer be able to install any of our software that is digitally signed. This option can be changed in the certificate manager (consult Microsoft Help).

* "Ask me every time" means that you will see these steps each and every time you install any of NeuroScript's software products.

trusted software inquiry
After clicking the "Run" button from the above window, you will be presented with a similar window with a bit more information. It is essentially telling you that you are about to launch a "Windows Installer Package" digitally signed by NeuroScript. Click "Run" to continue on with the software installation (the other windows below are optionally shown).
trusted software inquiry
If you click the Publisher link "NeuroScript, LLC", the following Digital Signature Details window will be displayed providing you with the basic information and time stamp of the Digital ID well as the publisher of the Digital ID (Verisign).
trusted software inquiry
Clicking "View Certificate" in the above window displays the actual certificate issued by Verisign.
trusted software inquiry