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PDF Quick Tutorial The tutorials demonstrate simple steps to install and run MovAlyzeR and create and analyze experiments. (Printer friendly)
PDF Quick Reference Card Quick Reference Card (Printer friendly).
PDF Introduction To NeuroScript MovAlyzeR Why handwriting, why MovAlyzeR, and how to create, run, process, summarize, analyze, and interpret results using your computer mouse or pen tablet as input device in under 30 minutes.
PDF Exporting Charts in MovAlyzeR Exporting and reproducing MovAlyzeR images at high quality or real-size or animated.

Note: If you insist on exporting to a file instead of Copy to Clipboard-and-Paste a fix from the Movalyzer Bug Reports will be needed.
PPT MovAlyzeR Features

MovAlyzeR Features .PPT download (0.2 MB)
Visualization of stroke features extracted by MovAlyzeR.
Google also: Viewing MovAlyzeR Trials
vBulletin Pen Pressure Calibration Measure your pen's relation between pressure data and force in grams using coins of known weights.
Google: Calibrate Movalyzer
vBulletin Chart 95% Confidence Interval Change standard deviation (SD) or standard error (SE = SD / sqrt(N) ) into 95% confidence intervals. It is done by multiplying SE by 1.96.
Google: Confidence Interval Movalyzer
Videos Video Demonstrations Video demonstrations of the general use, field-specific and special features of MovAlyzeR® are also available.
PDF VPAT MovAlyzeR6.1 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) Section 508 Parts 1194.21, .22, .26, .31, .41.

Web Version of MovAlyzeR Help

Help Help Manual (web version)

MovAlyzeR® application help (Web version is more recent than program version)
In MovAlyzeR, press the F1 key to show help on the current dialog window.
To print help on printer or to a PDF file, select the Contents tab, rightclick on a chapter and select print (Select print to PDF in the printer dialog).

Download Application Help as one PDF file

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ F.A.Q. (Help)
Answers to several frequently asked questions by users about MovAlyzeR®.
FAQ F.A.Q. (Forums)
Glossary Glossary
Describes all the key terminology used by MovAlyzeR®.
Forums Problems and Solutions
Forums "How To" Articles

A means for users to discuss general/specific issues regarding MovAlyzeR® and to receive information on its use.

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