Gregory M. Baker
Gregory M. Baker
C.O.O. and Director of Development
NeuroScript LLC
Tempe, AZ 85282 USA
Phone #: 480-350-9200
FAX #: 480-350-9199


Mr. Baker attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he was accepted into the highly selective Jerome Fisher Management and Technology (M&T) joint-degree program and one of the nation's top Naval ROTC programs. In 1994, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics (BSEcon) from the Wharton Business School and his Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) for computer science and engineering. In 1995, Mr. Baker was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy due to a career-ending injury, at which point he moved from Philadelphia, PA to his current home in Arizona.

Mr. Baker began his career while an undergraduate at UPenn, co-developing retirement planning and securities investment software at Reality Online, Inc. (eventually bought-out by Reuters of London), whose long list of clients included such financial giants as Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, PaineWebber, Vanguard and Smith-Barney. During this time, Mr. Baker also served as a management consultant to several start-up and smaller companies throughout Philadelphia, including serving as the CEO for a mental-health clinic in Kensington. In 1993, Mr. Baker also served as a technical and competitive analysis consultant to IBM's Business Opportunity Development division (Workforce Solutions) in Raleigh, NC.

Mr. Baker began his work in Arizona as a technical consultant to PCS Health Systems, the former Eli Lilly and Company subsidiary, where he assisted in laying the foundation for a technology makeover, shifting to a more manageable, re-usable, object-centric architecture for their pharmacy benefits management system. After completing his work with PCS, Mr. Baker worked with Lockheed-Martin Tactical Defense Systems to assist in a re-design of their financial management systems. Meanwhile, Mr. Baker was also working with Spin-Cycle Inc., where he designed and developed an object-centric, remote, equipment monitoring and control system for the Scottsdale-based, coin-operated laundry company.

In 1999, Mr. Baker shifted gears and joined forces with Dr. Hans-Leo Teulings at NeuroScript. He has served as NeuroScript's Director of Development for over 10 years while desiging and developing the MovAlyzeR® Suite of software systems for recording and analyzing human movement. When asked why he changed industries, Mr. Baker replied "At first, it was just another opportunity. However, it became more appealing, as I began recognizing that our work had such potential for improving the quality of life for so many people. We are constantly creating...working diligently to identify new ways in which the measurement of fine motor control can be beneficial in such areas as therapy, psychiatry, neurology, education and more. The level of satisfaction I receive from our work has been the driving force for my continued dedication to NeuroScript."