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Example Tests
Computer Science: Simulated handwriting (EX9)
Computer Science: Simulated menu (LAY)
Education: Handwriting instruction (TEA)
Education: Handwriting learning (LEA)
Forensics: Image processing (SFX)
Forensics: Paragraph analysis (WRD)
Kinesiology: Bimanual movements (2PN)
Kinesiology: Fitt's Law (EX3)
Kinesiology: Hick's Law (EX1)
Kinesiology: Mirror tracing (IMG)
Kinesiology: Multimodal movements (TOU)
Neurology: Measuring tremor (TRE)
Psychiatry: Measuring movement side effects (PH2)
Physiotherapy: Simulated loops (E01)
Physiotherapy: Line thickness variation (BPP)
Physiotherapy: Archimedes spirals
Safety: Alcohol test using MovAlyzeR® (ALC)
Safety: Alcohol test using MovAlyzeRx™ (ALC)
Pen tablet accuracy - linearity testing
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Input device setup
Setting up an experiment/test
Running an experiment/test
Graphing trials
Summarization and analysis
Animated stimuli
External Processing - Matlab®
Experiment Reports
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